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Mark Groblewski, LCSW
Brand New Day
      Mark Groblewski, LCSW​
Mark Groblewski brings a depth of life experence and understanding to his "second career" as a licensed psychotherapist, beginning in 1998.  A former stockbroker and salesperson,  Mark found his calling starting a new career as a psychotherapist in middle age, and has experienced the trials and rewards of being married over 32 years ​and raising a grown son. 

Practical experience and his passion for empowering relationships have contributed greatly to his skills as a psychotherapist helping couples, families, and individuals to enhance their ability to connect, relate, and communicate.

 In addition to running a private practice consisting of individual and maritial counseling, Mark is a certified Imago therapist and a public speaker for corporations, associations, and not-for-profits
Mark believes strongly in family values grounded in a strong spiritual faith.  He and wife Amy live in Pearland, and enjoy visiting their adult son Ryan in Austin.  

Mark is a past 3-year Board Chairman of his church in League City, is on the board of his professional association, the Bay Area NET, and is a past President of the Houston Chapter of IMAGO International.

Mark and his wife Amy Hart, a corporate  training consultant, also conduct workshops and speaking engagements together.
* MSW (Masters of Social Work) from University of Houston
* Licensed Certified Social Worker 2002
*Certified Imago Therapist-2005

*Internships HarrisCounty MHMR and the Veterans'Administration Hospital
*Montrose Clinic psychotherapist
*Quitman Clinic - Group and individual therapy
*Psychiatric Assessments for West Oaks and St. John's Hospital Mobile Units
*Geriatric Patients with Parkview Geriatric Patients
*Ben Taub Hospital-Psychiatric Clinical Care Coordinator/Individual & Group therapy

Presently the owner of Brand New Day, providing Family, Couples, and Individual Counseling

What is Imago Therapy?
​Imago Therapy was created by Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKellyHunt, PhD in the 1980's and introduced through the New York Times Best-selling book "Getting the Love You Want." The book proved to be a welcome breakthrough for many couples in their relationships. It provides tools and an understanding of the process many couples experience as "falling out of love." 

​Imago is the Latin word for "image". The theory presupposes that each of us has within an unconscious map that developed during our formative years of those situations we move towards or away from.  It is a composite picture of the people who influenced you most at an early age.  We unconsciously choose a "match" who has positive and negative traits similar to our caretakers/parents. In essence, it's not a coincidence who you have attracted as your partner.

​Imago states that your marriage itself is therapy; your partner is the best person to resolve the unhealed childhood pain, such as abandonment, rejection, smothering, shame, and helplessness which resurface in your marriage . These issues are generally at the core of what is causing pain and conflict in your relationship/marriage. Relationships are more than marriage; they are about a spiritual partnership, growth and healing.

Imago Therapy is effective for those who want to :

*Rediscover and rekindle what you feel may be "lost" in your present relationship

*End the cycle of criticism in your relationships

*Avoid contempt in your coversations:

*Continue to nurture a relationship you have recently begun

*Continue to grow in your present relationship/marriage

*Learn how to deal with conflict and avoid defensiveness or withdrawl

*Restore Connection and move through Power Struggle

​*Receive tools, rather than just theory, in therapy


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